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In the new post-pc era, our ever connected society has grown reliant on/obsessed with the use of their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc). They need these tools to work and panic when mobility is interrupted

FoneDoctor, with 30 years of experience, offers an exceptional opportunity to capitalise on this exciting business sector that drives customers to you.

With a focus on enhancing and sustaining the increasingly important connected lifestyle and the reliance on mobile devices required for work or play, FoneDoctor provides a repair and maintenance service for mobile phones, tablets, computers, games consoles, sat-navs and smart watches

In addition to our core repair services, we also specialise in selling a wide range of accessories for all the different devices we service. Our staff, who are technically trained, offer advice and guidance on the most appropriate accessories for all the latest models and brands.

As a nation, it is clear that we love technology. Indeed, many of us freely admit to being addicted to our phones and tablets, and surveys show that our gadgets are increasingly our most treasured possessions. When phones and tablets go wrong, customers need a fast, easy, no-fuss solution which is great news for FoneDoctor as the market size is immense. The following statistics about some of our favourite gadgets are extremely encouraging for the Franchise expansion of FoneDoctor:


93 % of UK adults personally own a mobile phone


64 % of the 35-54 age group own a tablet


62 % of the population currently have smartphones


83 million mobile phones in use in the UK amazing when the population is only 64 million

Why choose a Fonedoctor Franchise?

We have a tried and tested retail system

Our services and products are much in demand

There will continue to be a ready supply of potential customer and we believe many will find you via search engine optimisation and social media

You will receive full training in operating your FoneDoctor business

We will provide ongoing support to help you develop your business

The FoneDoctor Franchise

opportunity represents an

exceptional offering in the

mobile lifestyle support

device market.

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